Yamaha R6 2017 Review


Power: 599cc (116hp)
Torque: 45.5ftlb at 10,500rpm
Weight: 189kg
Seat Height: 850 mm
Extras: ABS, 6 way Traction control, quick shifter up only and 3 riding modes.

▪️OVERALL RATING (4.8/5)▪️
So this is the first of the 600 category bikes for us to review, and boy has it set the bar high.
The beautiful new shape from the long awaited new R6 is breath-taking, and same can be said for the rest of the bike whether it’s the engine, brakes, suspension etc the bike just feels like it’s in a league of its own.

The R6 is fitted with new adjustable front forks which have been taken from its older brother the R1 but with different valving for the R6 and the feeling you get while riding is beautiful.
The front discs are also slightly larger compared to before and the calipers have also been taken from the R1 as well with the ABS system slightly more advanced than before. All of the above combined gives you one hek of a riding experience!

▪️ENGINE (4.7/5)▪️
The engine is a screamer, especially at the top end part. I mean the bike cuts off at about 16,500 rpm it just feels like it revs forever. There’s a little more umph so to say at the bottom end and it feels great.
But in general there hasn’t been much of a change to the engine compared to the previous models however there has been some changes with the electronics to match the new R1.
The TC does not operates of the IMU as the r1 does, it just strictly operates of wheel speed sensors.
There was nothing wrong with the engine before so why change it right.

The only thing I can think about to be honest is the slightly more than usual vibration at the handle bars you feel but as I say in the video this could be due to the aftermarket rims installed.

That’s a solid YES from us. The new R6 is a slight step above the older one but we’re talking about a tiny difference which you would not know the difference really unless both are ridden back to back on a track.
So if ur looking for a 600cc bike to buy this should be at the top of your list if not not top 3.

I want to thank @owaismohebi for lending us the bike for this review and both @fuadanwar1000rr and @sugar_rider05 for the help and input. Appreciated.
Hope you all enjoyed the review and do stay tuned for the next one. Coming soon.
Peace out!