Wood Slab Desk – Mr. Pump’s Man Cave Project – BikemanforU

A giant wood slab with a live bark edge is carried into the bike shop to become Mr. Pump’s new desk. Free Shipping on bike parts, tires, tools, and cycle accessories YouTube’s award-winning guru of DIY bicycle repair and maintenance and BMX Boy flex their muscles to give Mr. Pump a hand with his latest woodworking project. With Guy, aka Sasquatch, behind the camera, the mighty duo hoist the slab up the cement stairs of what was once the warehouse and is now Mr. Pump’s man cave. They carefully maneuver it into the bike shop, where they slide it into place and break out the beer. Mr. Pump hauled the rough-hewn slab several hundred miles from upstate New York back to the brick-and-mortar bicycle shop, Bike ‘n’ Kite, in Westhampton Beach on Long Island’s eastern shore. He didn’t say what kind of wood it is, or if he did, noone remembers. But the bark’s still on it, and it weighs a lot. Anyway, he cleaned the wood up and lavished it with love and poly. Thumbs up if you like what you see. For more crazy videos, head over to BikemanforU Channel, See Mr. Pump’s historical photos of this momentous event Follow @bikemanforu on Like you know who at