Wilderness Discoverer Cruise Ship Tour – Un-Cruise Adventures Cruise Line

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Un-Cruise Adventures is an American possessed luxury ship established in Everett, Washington. In 2008, the then American Safari Cruises was obtained by the parent organization InnerSea Discoveries Alaska Inc. In mid 2013 after an armada extension, the American Safari Cruises was renamed to Un-Cruise Adventures. Right now the journey line works 9 ships, 8 of which are completely claimed. The luxury ship works two central command, the primary base camp is situated in Seattle, Washington and the second situated in Juneau, Alaska.

Un-Cruise Adventures was established as the American Safari Cruises in 1996 so as to give little yacht travels in Alaska. Following in 1997, the American Safari Cruise initiated operations with a diagrammed yacht ready to fit at least twelve travelers.

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