Where To Buy Cheap Mid Century Modern Furniture Reproductions | Part 1

Review of www.ModernFurnitureMax.com best website out there if you’re looking to buy Cheap Mid Century Modern Furniture Reproductions ! I buy Mid-Century Modern Furniture Reproductions off Modern Furniture Max to sell back onto Craigslist for a profit but the furniture has all been really nice so far and would be great for anyone looking for furniture for their place.

In Part 1 I give a quick review of how the website works, and then take you through a order I place for Eames Molded Plywood Coffee Table. In Part 2 I’ll show you the unboxing, review, staging, and finally posting onto Craigslist. I bought this table for just over $100 and sold it later on Craigslist (4 hours after I posted it) for $190. Not a ton of profit but pretty good considering it took me 5 minutes to purchase it, then it was shipped for free to my house. Maybe another 15 minutes to set it up and post it on Craigslist.

Part 2: