Where To Buy Bathroom Vanities

In this video, Julia, owner of highlights a few of the places you can look to find a bathroom vanity for your home remodeling project.

Transcription: Hi there. My name is Julia. I am with uniquevanities.com. In today’s video I wanted to just give you a few places to consider looking for a bathroom vanity. You’ve got a new bathroom remodel project or a new build, and you want to look at different options so that you can find the best vanity for your project.

Obviously one of the easiest places to begin, and is most available to people throughout the country, is going to be any of the big box stores. Stores such as Home Depot or Lowe’s as an example are good places to go because they do have floor space with some of their vanities, some of the models available so that you can touch and feel them. They don’t necessarily have everything available, but it at least gives you some ideas of where to begin.

Another place would be a plumbing supply house. These are more difficult to find in smaller areas but plumbing supply houses, their market is really for plumbers but they also have small showroom spaces in which clients can come in and look at fixtures, faucets and vanities as an example. That might be something to consider.

Another place, and again this may be a little more difficult. We’re in the Dallas area so they are plentiful here, is the more boutique hardware stores. They carry things like boutique knobs, things you just can’t find anywhere if you are looking for something special. Many of these boutique stores are now carrying small lines of vanities available for you to come in and touch and feel.

Obviously, one of the best places to shop for something like this is going to be online. We obviously sell these online at uniquevanities.com, but the reason we got into this business was to offer people choice, because we know there are people all over the country that do not necessarily have access to these other types of stores.

The only thing I would encourage you to do is when you are looking at different sites, looking for different types of vanities, that you are wanting to go and call in and ask if anybody at the company has ever actually seen these products before. In today’s market, just about anybody can jump online and sell stuff. You want to make sure they have actually seen and touched these products.

Here at uniquevanities.com, we do have a small showroom space out in Quinlan, Texas, which is just east of Dallas. You are welcome to come out here and check out the quality of our various product lines. Again, we don’t have everything here, but at least it gives you the opportunity to come talk to a professional, get some ideas for your bathroom project and also get some ideas for your bathroom project and also look at the quality of products.