What’s Hiding Inside My Sofa?

Have you ever sat down on a sofa or a couch and wonder what’s inside of it? I’m not talking about coins, foodstuffs or even remote control, but the things that are supposed to be in there, the “guts” if you will.

If you have ever wondered what’s inside the guts of your sofa or couch, or what goes into the making of these furnitures, then look no further, because today Aiman had a chance to take apart an old leather sofa.

Unlike a car which you can look under the hood, a usable sofa or couch is usually covered with leather or fabric, therefore the “guts” are pretty tough to see. Even for those who have replaced their sofa, chair, chaise, ottoman or couch usually have the delivery company haul the old furniture away. Either that or they get dumped on the curbside during “bulk waste pick up”.

Despite the relatively high price of most leather sofas, their constructions are fairly simple. The frame is made of manufactured woods. There metal springs on the back and the bottom are also of simple design. The bottom cushions are made of foams and dacron fibers or cotton layers. The back and lumbar support are practically pillows. Even regular paper cardboards are being used.

Word of cautions, please be extremely careful when using retractable blades or knife to cut the sofa, or any other materials for that matter.

If you want to know more about what’s inside your sofa, I found the following article written by Krstine Gregory for Drapery and Design Magazine – .

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