What is a Cleanroom (or Clean Room)?

Introductory video covers cleanroom design, construction, contamination and clean room classification (ISO and class).

For an in-depth explanation of cleanroom design and classifications, visit the “What is a Clean Room” page on the PortaFab website: PortaFab is a trusted manufacturer of clean rooms and environmental enclosures in the modular construction industry.

For more than 25 years, PortaFab has been the industry leader in designing and manufacturing in-plant offices, buildings and environmental enclosures.

Working with the widest selection of interchangeable wall panels, stud options, and accessories gives us a distinct advantage over our competitors as we can design our buildings based on your specific application while still achieving the economies of scale necessary to be cost-effective.

Our staff of in-house engineers and design consultants are an asset to architects and general contractors who lean on us to deliver functional and cost effective solutions.

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