Upper Kitchen Cabinets | Retro Miniature Kitchen Room Box 1:12

Sorry for the late upload. My dog was sick last weekend and had emergency surgery last Monday. :S


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In this video I make upper cabinets for my Retro Kitchen Roombox. On Youtube I have seen many different miniature kitchens but none of them have upper cabinets so I really wanted to include them.

The cabinets were painted just like the lower cabinets. Mint green with a darker mint green trim. The cabinet handles were added on just like in the counter cabinet video.

I wanted to make the cabinets more interesting so I added 1 door with a transparent window so that you can see the contents inside.

Really happy with how the kitchen is progressing. Can’t wait until next week!

Materials Used:

Fomex Board
Transparent Plastic Sheet
PVC Glue
Paint Primer
Acrylic Paint



Cabinet Height: 7cm
Cabinet Depth: 3.6cm
Double Cabinet Width: 9.3 cm
Singe Transparent Cabinet Width: 4.5cm

0.5 cm gaps were left where the cabinets were joined together to prevent the section from being crowded and so the doors could open.

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