Upcycled DIY Firewood Bucket from a Broken End Table

Today Ryder and I spend the day together being handy! We upcycle a broken end table frame into a handsome and functional firewood storage bucket for our Living Gazebo outdoor space. Not only to do we have something functional to use, but we spent time together making and preserving a memory. That’s what #bucketlistliving is all about! #Staystoked my friends!

Glass topped Coffee and End tables are easily found in alleyways, dumpsters, curbs, and thrift stores. Changing interior design values, constant moves, new furniture, or broken glass tops, are just a few of the myriad of reasons paving the highway of tears that lead to their sorry states but the good news is: while there may be 100 reasons to throw a broken table away, there are 101 ways to #upcycle it into something more useful! I used the metal frame here to make a raised bucket, but a garden or flower bed would be just as easy, heck, I even mounted one to the roofrack of my car like a rooftop cargo crate, it’s awesome!