Transformers Toy Collection: Transformers Display Room from Transformers At The Moon

A video tour of Transformers At The Moon’s [ Transformers display room.
We started to collect Transformers figures back in 1986 and over the decades have put together quite an extensive collection which we like to keep out on display. The desire to share images of our Transformers toys collection is what lead us to start our website, Transformers At The Moon, back in October 1999.

Since that time we have put on various toy displays at UK conventions, most notably for Europe’s largest Transformers fan event, Auto Assembly, but what many people do not realise is that we like to keep as many of the figures out on display as we can. Over the years we have been asked “how do you keep your collection” on numerous occasions and so in July of 2012 we decided to record a “video tour” of what we dub our “Transformers Museum”.

Whilst not all of our collection is covered within this video, you will notice the distinct lack of prize campaign / Lucky Draw figures as well as a limited numbers of testshots, this video does cover the room we have dedicated to displaying the majority of the action figures within our Transformers collection.

The video starts of with a quick preview of some of the cabinets in which we keep the toys before the main tour begins.

We decided to add narration to the video to give you a little insight into the display and why it is set-up in the manner in which it is.

The first area covered by the video includes PVC toys such as the Super Hybred-Models, the Mega SCFs, and Revoltech figures. These include the unreleased Rodimus Convoy and Arcee S.H.B figures before we enter the main display room.

The main display area is made up of a collection of 9 glass cabinets with mirrored backs (8 in the main area and another through an archway) along with two custom built cabinets which measure 6’x4’x2′ each, though they do not have mirrored back’s which makes them quite dark to film within.

The video tours the room in a clockwise direction starting of with our dedicated Transformers Animated display. This cabinet begins with the Botcon 2011 Stunticon set and continues with an Optimus Prime / Megatron dedicated shelf which covers various releases of the toy from the West as well as Japan. The rest of the cabinet covers the remaining Transformers Animated figures.

The video continues with the bulk of the display which is our Generation One collection. As is explained within the video, we have tried to display the figures in year order, however this was not always possible due to the heights of various figures and thus the need to space out the shelves. On the whole, however, we have managed to stick quite closely to this aim and so the video starts with the 1984 range and moves on through time to 1987 with a shelf containing Fortress Maximus, Scorponok and Sixshot. This sub-theme is something that we decided to mirror in a later cabinet as shown within the video.

The next glass cabinet starts of with our collection of “Pre-Transformers”. This covers figures from such lines as Microchange (Microman), Diaclone and the Grandstand Convertors. Being fans of the watch robots, you will probably notice our collection of multi-coloured robot watches, as well as the scorpions, jets, guns etc.

The tour continues with some of the bigger releases from the mid-1980s including Metroplex and Trypticon, along with Omega Supreme (we have four versions of the original Omega Supreme figure all of which you will see highlighted within the video).

We take little break as we approach next glass cabinet, which is a corner cabinet, as it contains our Japanese Transformers (トランスフォーマー) figures. We decided that we wanted to have a mini-spotlight on the Japanese line so the corner glass display cabinet seemed like a great choice for us to focus on the various Japanese lines including Headmasters, Masterforce, Victory, Zone. Battle Stars and the Return of Convoy. All of the figures shown are original pieces, none of these figures are fakes or re-issues with the exception of the recoloured Micromaster combiners who are with their “brothers” within the cabinets. Some of the figures you may spot within this area of the video include Star Convoy, Dia Atlus, Sonic Bomber, Deathsaurus, Star Saber, Victory Leo, Overlord, Minelba, GoShooter, the Headmaster figures, the Godmasters and Metrotitan

We then start to pan over some of the boxes which are on-top of the various display cabinets. These boxes contain more than one figure within each. For example the Transformers Armada boxes contain most of the Armada line and the Transformers Movie boxes contain figures from the both Transformers and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. We don’t own many of the Transformers: Dark of the Moon figures, and the ones we do own are in another cabinet.

The rest of the tour features the remaining Japanese figures as well as the post G1 lines including prototypes and unreleased figures