Top 5 Best 18650 Flashlight Review 2017

Best 18650 Flashlight Review

1. 6000LM led xml- T6 l2 Zoom Flashlight Torch Zoomable Bike Lamp Light Lampe Torches Lantern + 18650 Battery + Charger +Bike clip:

2. YAGE Flashlight Cree Lantern Tactical Rechargeable Led flashlights Zoomable Flashlight 18650 Lampe Touche Linternas Led Lamp:

3. Sofirn SF36 Tactical LED Flashlight 18650 Cree XPL 1100 Lumen Powerful EDC Portable Torch Light Pocket Light Bike Camp Cycling:

4. 6000 Lumens X900 Flashlight CREE XM-L T6 Torch High Power Adjustable LED Flashlight +DC/Car Charger+18650 Battery+Holster Holder:

5. EBUYFIRE Mi-E17 LED Flashlight 18650 Torch Waterproof 3x AAA Led light XM-L T6 3800LM Battery:

Show of hands: who’s conveying a 18650 flashlight for EDC? Presumably very you few. In any case, that is OK, we’re here to disclose to you what it’s about and why it’s so amazing. The 18650 lithium-particle battery—so named for its 18mm measurement, 65mm length, and round and hollow shape—is a standout amongst the most prominent battery frame factors underway. Its size and highlights make it perfect for electronic applications, similar to tablet and electronic auto batteries, and even versatile battery chargers.

A 18650’s higher voltage, greater limit, and reusability improve flashlights one of the recipients of its advantages. We’re talking upwards of 1000 lumens in your pocket, runtimes measured in many months (yes, months), and never again buying expendable batteries which is constantly useful for the earth.

Beneath we’ve gathered together 5 of the best 18650 flashlights available. They’re lights that make full utilization of the battery’s capacities however stay sufficiently minimized for ordinary convey. You can simply ahead and set away those AA, AAA, and CR123A lights—you won’t require them starting now and into the foreseeable future.

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