TOP 25 Most Expensive Homes In America – BILLIONAIRE HOMES PART 2

2017 most expensive homes in the US top list. Facts about billionaires most expensive luxury houses in the world. Mansions, mega-mansions, real estate, the most expensive in America filled with indoor pools, basketball courts, wine cellars, exotic cars, its crazy what you will find in these homes.

2017 top list of most expensive homes in America include homes from billionaires, millionaires.

– Silicon Valley Estate, Los Altos Hills: $88 million
Next up on our mega priced mansion list, is tech entrepreneur Kumar Malavalli’s home in the Silicon Valley of Los Altos Hills. At $88,000,000 it is one of the most expensive properties ever to be publicly listed in the area.

– Brookline Estate, Boston: $90 million
This $90,000,000 mansion sits on 14 acres of land in one of the most expensive suburbs of Boston.
It’s a whopping 26,623 square foot of living space with 8 bedrooms, and 12 bathrooms and a 4 car garage.

– Pumpkin Key, Key Largo: $95million
Most expensive homes in LA? Could this mansion be on the list?
Well for 95,000,000 you can have your own island and landing strip. That’ll be sure to keep out the riff-raff.
The island of Pumpkin Key is a 26-acre island just off the coast of Miami, Florida.
At 5,000 sq ft and only 3 bedrooms, the house is much smaller than others on our list.

– Las Varas and Edwards Raches, Santa Barbara: $108million
The Las Varas Ranch has over two miles of private ocean front and comes in at number 9 on our list at a price of $108m.

– Fifth Avenue Duplex, New York City: $120 million
Most expensive ranch in America? For $81,000,000 it might be.
For a $120,000,000 you too can live in the same apartment building as Rupert Murdoch and Elizabeth Arden.
the duplex Covering two floors, you get 20 rooms spread out over 12,000 square feet that include 7 bedrooms, 10 baths, 24-foot high ceilings a wine cellar, my the rich love their wine, a grand marble staircase and a master suite fit for a king.

– Rancho San Carlos, Santa Barbara: $125 million
In Santa Barbara $125m gets you a 237 acre estate known as Rancho San Carlos.
Described as being like a small city, the estate comes with a 30,000 square foot main house with 30 rooms including 12 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms

– Palmetto, Palm Beach: $137 million
Owned by billionaire Netscape co-founder Jim Clark, this 1930’s Italian renaissance mansion comes in at a whopping 60,350 square feet and an equally impressive price tag of $137,000,000.

– Briar Patch, The Hamptons: $140 million
The Hamptons is known for its pricey real estate, but when this 11 acre East Hampton estate went on the market for $140 m even the local 1%ers noticed.

– Great Island, Connecticut: $175 million
If islands are your thing, then this 63-acre island off the coast of Darien can be yours for just $175 million.

– Manapalan Mansion, Florida – $195 million
This 63,000 sq ft 33 bedroom compound is listing at $195 is just $5 million shy of $200m. Most expensive homes in America got even more expensive.

– The Manor at Holmby Hills, Los Angeles – $200 million
The manor formerly known as Candyland was built by one of the most prolific film and television producers of all time. Aaron Spelling,

– Bel Air Spec Manor, Los Angeles – $250 million
America’s number one most expensive home goes to the the Bel Air Estate in Los Angeles that is listed at a mind staggering $250m.

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