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How To Made A WONDERFUL COOL ROOM.For those looking to add a bit of whimsy to their decor, consider two top trending looks — acrylic and copper.

Acrylic, also called Plexiglass, was introduced in 1933 by the Rohm and Haas Co., and the material is used by Los Angeles-based contemporary designer Alexandra Von Furstenberg to create modern and fun furniture and accessories. The brand is AVF and features tables and colorful accent pieces such as bowls, boxes, vases and ice buckets.

“Acrylic has a very high clarity and is a very strong material, yet at the same time it’s lighter than glass,” said Victor Taniska, AVF director of operations. “At larger thicknesses, over 1-1/4 inches, it’s actually bulletproof and what secure places like banks use for windows. It has greater flexibility over glass in regards to bending and carving.”

In addition, it’s a popular choice for furniture and home accessories.

“What’s great about acrylic is that it blends into almost any type of decor because of its clarity and the fact that it has a crystal-like feel to it,” Tanisaka said.
“The acrylic chair that I have displayed in my room is a solid molded Italian acrylic chair modeled after a Louis XVI chair,” said Jeanne Chung of Cozy•Stylish•Chic in Pasadena in an email. “Because this year’s Showcase House is a 1916 English Tudor, I felt that it was important to respect the architecture of the home but to also incorporate modern details. The ‘Marilyn’ acrylic was the perfect piece to incorporate into the room, as it is a classical style, but shown in modern materials, merging the past with the present.

“I have had this chair displayed in my Old Pasadena store for the past few months and surprisingly it is the one item that appeals to both the millennial consumer as equally as it does to the more conservative-minded generation.”

Those consumers, she added, probably like the traditional style, one they’re familiar with and perhaps already have in their homes. The more modern/contemporary home could use the chair as a buffer, something that can break up simple lines.
The chair, like many acrylic pieces today, is solid yet seemingly doesn’t occupy much space in a room.

“An acrylic chair is the perfect piece of furniture where you do not want visual clutter in a room or if you have a decorative rung or floor in which you want the floor to be more visible,” Chung said.

Want to be a bit more edgy? What may have started with the copper Moscow mule mugs so popular these days has blossomed into other barware pieces, lighting, colanders and even napkin rings — everything including the kitchen sink.

It’s the Gilded Age for copper or copper finishes. It’s shiny but warm. The metal is modern yet rustic, industrial-looking while retaining its organic roots. Suddenly, many homeowners seem to be crazy for copper.
“Copper can be used in the most traditional of homes (as originally it was) but is also now used in the most contemporary homes,” Chung said. “A traditional home might have hammered or tooled copper with a time-worn patina, but a modern home would use the same material in a high polish and shaped into simpler lines.”
“You used to see copper plumbing and accents in farmhouse decor, but now it’s seen in under mounts.
The focal point in your bedroom is likely your bed frame, the biggest piece of furniture in the space that the rest of the room revolves around. Therefore, it better live up to that attention—or more specifically, the headboard should live up to it. There are plenty of quietly handsome wood designs and simple upholstered pieces to be found, but the most memorable headboards are the ones that push the envelope. Think oversized, asymmetrical, three-dimensional. Read on for some of the most unexpected (and utterly stylish) looks.
Try not to stare at this Hong Kong bedroom’s puffy, color-blocked headboard. Designer Mattia Bonetti positioned the bespoke bed within a swath of orange lacquer and padded the headboard with the same gray leather used for the bedspread.

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Loving my latest project, a 92nd floor penthouse at the Rafael Vinoly designed tower on Park Avenue. Showing here is my custom bed, a bleached oak and channel tufted mohair homage to the artist Frank Stella (from his iconic Protractor Series of the late 60’s) bed fabricated by Angel Naula, pillows by John Robshaw, throw by Kevin O’Brien, rug & bed linens by ABC Carpet, lamps by Trans Luxe, ceramic vase by Cody Hoyt, small bronze sculpture by Rogan Gregory, curtain fabrication by Distinctive Window Treatments
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