The Hanging Studio Table

MSD graduate and design studio leader Adam Markowitz combines century-old hand-crafted woodworking techniques with digital modelling to create bespoke wooden furniture and installations.

Markowitz recently constructed a custom-built meeting room table for the Level Four Hansen Yunken Hanging Studio in the award-winning John Wardle/NADAAA designed Melbourne School of Design building.

The Hanging Studio Table is shortlisted for the 2016 Interior Design Excellence Awards.

The table is constructed of timber salvaged from a Spotted Gum tree that had to be felled at the old architecture building site to make way for the new building. Using salvaged timber both maintains continuity with the history of the site, and highlights the role of sustainability in the school’s practice.

The table design directly responds to the innovative suspended studio space in which it’s housed. The project also includes 12 modified Flea Chairs.

Markowitz sees the re-emergence in popularity of hand-crafted, bespoke artistry and designs as a consumer response to a market saturated with mass-produced items.

This is part of a worldwide repositioning within the design community towards reconnecting with physicality and materiality, expressed by this year’s Venice Biennale curator Peter Zumthor:

“The hand is back… Everyone says that manual labour is dying… but no… we are doing the work with our hands still.”

Peter Zumthor, May 2016