The BEST Way to Paint and Seal MDF Edges – Video #3

I recently posted a video showing you how to get a really smooth finish on your MDF edges – using wood filler.

The problem is that this is quite a long-winded job, and as one of my viewers recently voiced in a comment below the video, “imagine doing all this work to 5 closets each 6-8 doors which are 8ft high and 2ft wide. This is just crazy amount of work. There has to be a better way!”

This got me thinking. There are so many opinions on the internet on how best to paint MDF edges, but none of them are backed up with objective demonstration, and so I thought, wouldn’t it be good if I prepared some MDF edges with all the possible options, so that I CAN DECIDE WHICH ONE IS BEST.

So this is exactly what I’ve done in this video. I’ve prepared a mock up with 5 edges, prepared as follows:

– oil based undercoat and top coat
– water based undercoat and top coat
– slightly watered down PVA bond, with a water based undercoat and top coat
– wood filler, followed by water based undercoat and top coat
– MDF edging tape followed by water based undercoat and top coat

The best solution is the MDF edging tape – which produces a really smooth finish, closely followed by the wood filler.

But both of these involve quite a lot of hassle.

What was really interesting was that the oil based solution didn’t produce a noticeably better finish than the water based wood primer undercoat and top coat, and the PVA primer didn’t make any noticeable difference when compared with the edges that had just been primed and top coated.

So in summary, if you’re a professional woodworker and want a truly professional, smooth finish, then filling or treating the edges with edging tape is the way to go.

But for all the rest of us, you get a perfectly acceptable finish by simply treating the edges with a wood primer undercoat, followed by a top coat – like I did here!

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