TCBUNNY Floating Wall Mounted Desk with Shelf Storage

TCBUNNY Wall Mounted Desk saves on space with a modern look! The desk offers two removable shelves on each side. Those shelves have a notch cut out from a corner, so cables can be guided through. There is also a hole in the main desk area to manage your cables and guide them down to the outlet.

This desk requires two people (at least) to assemble. There are many pieces that need to be assembled. It is not too difficult to build using the manual, except some illustrations did not match the corresponding part. What was an issue with assembly is some of the drilled holes in a part were too large or deep. This caused the wooden posts, screws, etc to have wiggle room and wouldn’t give a tight fit.

The main question is will it stay securely on the wall? I can say that this desk was installed in my 8 year old’s bedroom and it has remained strong. Though, we did add 3 long screws that were drilled straight into the studs of the wall. Of course, those were our own and not included. What is included is 4 anchors with 4 screws and it did keep the mount firmly in place, but we wanted extra security.

Overall, this desk’s quality is pretty good. I would have liked to see a fitted cover over the bolts, so they wouldn’t be as visible against the black desk. I would suggest adding washers to the anchors and screws too. The screw’s head is just a bit larger than the holes on the mount. Adding a washer to the screw would increase the surface area making it impossible to slip through that hole. Thanks for watching!