Switchable Privacy Glass / Smart Glass

With a flick of a switch, this glass turns from opaque to fully transparent.

Switchable Privacy Glass or Smart Glass is finally starting to become affordable for the common man. You’ll already find it installed in some automotive vehicles and even in aircraft like the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Saying that, it’s still not cheap. The sample unit in this video cost 25 GBP (1500 PHP, 30 USD). Although that included the somewhat unusual 60V AC power supply.

Dimmable smart glass is also being sold although I’m not sure if that’s a special feature or if I could also adjust the transparency of my sample unit by adjusting the applied voltage.

The glass provides 99% UV blockage and a special blackout smart glass is also available. This has been used in some modern offices to help with heating control.

There’s a number of DIY PDLC Smart Film and similar smart glass offerings on eBay and similar sites.

Some stats about the glass, from the seller:

IR blocking: ON: >30%, OFF: 90%
UV blocking: ON: 90%, OFF: 99%
Reponse time: ON to OFF: 200ms
Power consumption(On): <5W/㎡

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