Stranger Things Chapter Six: The Monster REACTION!!!- Season 1 Episode 6

This is a Reaction Video to Stranger Things Chapter Six: The Monster done by SwagFoulNation!

Description: Jonathan pulls Nancy through the portal, saving her from the creature. In her bedroom, she is afraid to be alone and asks Jonathan to stay. Steve sees them together through her bedroom window. The next day, Nancy and Jonathan resolve to kill the monster and purchase supplies from an army surplus store. After an encounter with Steve, Jonathan is arrested after he inadvertently assaults an officer. Joyce and Hopper decide to investigate together after Hopper discovers his home has been bugged. They track down Terry Ives; she is El’s biological mother, who underwent MKUltra training while pregnant. Jane, now known as “011”, was taken by Brenner. El shoplifts frozen waffles and recalls how she accidentally opened the gate to the Upside-Down on a reconnaissance mission, allowing the monster through. While searching for El, Mike and Dustin are ambushed by Troy and his bully friend; Troy holds Dustin at knifepoint and demands that Mike jump off the cliff into the lake where Will’s body was discovered, which will likely kill him. Mike jumps but is levitated to safety by El. Lucas sees agents leaving the laboratory and realizes they are heading to Mike’s house to capture El.

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