Spel River – American Girl Series – Season 4 Episode 7

home stretch guys! Leave your predictions below for thE END OF SPEL RIVER WOW

Main Cast:
Carolina Ramsay as Iridian IceCatcher
Raelynn Smithens as Aaron
Alexa Flemming as Calypso
Lilac Thomas as Bridget
Porcelain Ramsay as Audra
Julius Lockwood as Hades
Grace-Maria Gardener as Samantha
Primrose Everdeen as Pandora

Secondary Cast:
Adele Palmer as Iridian
Carson Quarry as Aaron
Sylvia Edwards as Amber
Becca Rubin as Calypso
Orchid Cartwright as Audra
Cecelia Rey as Bridget

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Roots – Imagine Dragons (Intro)
Lost Frontier – Kevin Macleod
We Got Trouble – Kevin Macleod
Act Three – Jason Shaw
Impending Boom – Kevin Macleod
Who Do You Love – Marianas Trench
Reverse – Gabrielle Aplin
Little Toy Guns – Carrie Underwood (cover by Mattie Martin)
Comfort Me – Phildel (outro)

Spel River is HIGHLY inspired by Wizard101, a game by Kingsisle Entertainment. The system of magic is from that and I DID NOT come up with it. All rights of the Fire, Ice, Storm, Balance, Myth, Death, and Life schools and what they do, along with any visual content used from the game, go to KingsIsle Entertainment.

I use a Canon Rebel t3i with an 18-55mm lens to film all of my videos.
Then, I import the video to my Mac OSX computer and edit it in Final Cut Pro X.
If you have any specific questions on how I did an effect, let me know in the comments and I’ll try to explain!