Sony Xperia ZR Disassembly

This video teaches you how to tear down the Sony Xpera ZR step by step. The repair knacks and tools are mentioned. It will help you DIY repair Xperia ZR successfully.

00:05 Remove the battery cover
00:12 Power off
00:24 Take away the battery
00:33 Unscrew six hexagonal screws
01:17 Remove the receiving antenna
01:26 Start to remove the LCD
05:46 Unscrew the six Phillips screws fastening the LCD shield
06:13 Peel off the insulation tape
06:28 Loosen the adhesive under the main flex
06:49 Remove the LCD shield
07:04 Release the connectors on the motherboard
07:14 Take away the rear camera
07:35 Remove the antenna RF cable
07:63 Remove the motherboard
08:26 Tear down the second Mic flex
08:59 Remove the black waterproof cover
09:10 Remove the headphone jack flap
09:14 Peel off the waterproof seal film for earpiece
09:30 Take away the illumination bar
09:41 Tear down the main flex assembly
10:42 Pry up the loudspeaker

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