Sonax FB 2600 Fiji 60 Inch TV Component Bench With Ample Storage For Audio Video Components

Sonax FB-2600 Fiji 60-Inch TV Component Bench In Ravenwood Black Finish With Ample Storage For Audio Video Components.

Discover the striking new 60 inch TV and Component bench from the Fiji Collection. Practical for a mounted or sitting TV, this bench is a beautiful combination of open and concealed storage space. The adjustable center shelf creates a custom storage space to suit you needs. Available in our signature Ravenwood Black finish and made complete with easy touch tempered glass doors this bench effortlessly houses all of your A/V components. Built to accommodate most TVs up to 64 inches, this contemporary furniture by Sonax is proudly built in North America.

Engineered Wood
Medium Density Fibre board is designed and manufactured to imitate and improve on the strength, appearance, and durability of natural wood products, at a fraction of the cost. MDF is even stronger and more moisture resistant than particle board, and is free of internal flaws and defects that natural wood has.

Tempered Glass
Tempered glass is physically and thermally stronger than regular glass. This type of glass is designed that if it should shatter it does not break into jagged sharp pieces, but rather granular chunks which are much less likely to cause injury.

Variety of Storage Options
This stand offers various options for storage. Open shelves are ideal for your components that tend to heat up a little more, and need the fresh air flow to keep them cooler. Closed door storage is perfect for storing anything from components, DVDs or books and helps to keep dust and debris out. The glass doors allow infrared rays to pass freely, so that your remote controls will work even with the doors closed.

Easy to Assemble
This is specially designed for simple construction that is frustration-free as possible. Ready-to-assemble furniture is very consumer friendly and the assembly can be done by anyone. The compact packaging saves on shipping costs and allows for those savings are passed on to you!

Accommodates most TVs up to 64 inches
Ravenwood Black Finish
Easy touch tempered glass doors with magnetic catches
Adjustable center shelf to customize storage space

Contemporary Style
Contemporary style uses a minimalist approach to design; Simplicity, subtle sophistication, texture and clean lines are all defining features. Contemporary furniture serves as a perfect foundation for your living space – pairing well with modern or transitional styles and being especially complimentary of bold bright accent colours.

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