ShopJimmy Universal TV Stand/Base for 37″- 55” TVs-Install Universal TV Stand & Wall Mount

Universal TV Stand & Wall Mount for 37”-55” TVs.
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3755 TV Stand/Base Installation Instructions

Step 1:
• Fit plastic base cap into top (clear) side of glass base.
• Insert bottom of metal stand post into plastic base cap.
• Holding metal base plate flush to bottom (black) side of glass base, insert base bolts through bottom of metal base plate, glass base, plastic base cap, and into bottom of metal stand post. Turn base bolts clockwise with Allen key until hand-tight.

Step 2:
• Hold back (flat) side of TV plate flush against the front of metal stand post and in-line with the top 4 screw holes on stand post.
• Insert bolts through front of TV plate and stand post until bolt head is flush with TV plate.
• On back side of stand post, attach washer plate, washers and cap nuts to bolts. Tighten cap bolts until hand-tight.
*Do not over tighten, as this can damage the shape and integrity of the stand post.

Step 3:
• Using Phillips screwdriver (not included), attach TV brackets to your TV using appropriate TV bracket screws and spacers (if necessary), so that pre-installed fastening screws (on TV brackets) are at bottom.

Step 4:
• Attach TV brackets to front of stand post by resting the hooks of TV brackets on the top of TV plate (F).
• Center TV on TV plate and turn pre-installed fastening screws clockwise with Phillips
screwdriver (not included) until screws are behind the front lip of TV plate and TV
brackets are locked.

• *Should you wish to lower your TV on the stand post, simply release TV and TV brackets from TV plate, adjust TV plate height on stand post, and reinstall TV brackets to TV plate.