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wind turbine tower production line ,Power Pole Welding Machine ,H Beam Welding Machine
Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine ,table top welding positioner ,
Leader for Welding, Positioning and Handling Equipment
Bota at ESSEN Welding Fair 2015:

Bota ESSEN Fair 2015:
➨ Welding Column & Boom Manipulator :
➨ Welding Turning Roll :
➨ table top welding positioner :
➨ CNC oxy fuel and flame cutting machine :
➨ H Beam Welding Machine :
➨ Concrete Mixer Tanker welding machine:
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Bota established itself as a potent supplier for global companies with design,

manufacturing, sales and rental depots Worldwide, specializing in Welding, Rotating &

Positioning Equipment.

Bota manufactures a complete line of column and boom welding manipulators which maximize

both safety and production with load capacities ranging from 150 lb. to 3,000 lb. ( on

each end of the boom).
Column and boom welding manipulators are a versatile and rugged solution to obtain up to

60-feet of lift and reach to duplicate the function of a highly skilled welder.

These heavy duty self aligning and manual aligning welding pipe rotators are Bota. A

hydraulic cylinder moves the vessel in height to make final alignment before welding. No

need to packing the rotators to align the vessel in place before welding.

Welding Positioners – Fixed Base
Bota fixed base welding positioners
Welding Positioners – Adjustable Base
Bota adjustable base welding positioners

Whether you choose to incorporate a plasma cutter, router, engraver, oxy fuel or any

other tool, you can count on your Bota CNC System to deliver the highest precision and

repeatability on the market. from 2’x2’ prototyping systems up to 10’x40’ CNC

plasma cutting water tables, whether you need an economical Gantry Kit to get started or

a completely finished fully functional industrial CNC system craned into place,

Welding Rotators, Welding Turning Rolls
Welding Positioners & Welding Headstocks
Welding Column & Boom Manipulators
Welding Fit Up Beds & Growing Lines
Welding Equipment SAW/MIG/TIG
CNC Flame & Plasma Cutting Machine
Specialist handling welding rotators & welding positioners for Tanker, Pipeline, Mixer,

H Beam, Beam Crane, Wind tower Production solutions

Bota Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

Bota ESSEN Fair :