Saxon – Dallas 1PM (1980) / Clean Vinyl Album Recording HD

This has always been one of my more favorite songs from Saxon. I saw them in concert in 1983 as a back band to Iron Maiden, and yes it was a great concert!

Album recorded, edited, and enhanced with Adobe Audition CS6 for the BEST sound! Album was wet cleaned, and then vacuumed with Nitty Gritty record cleaner for maximum clean sound. I own the album “Strong Arm Of The Law”, but not the copyrights to the song itself. This album version is enhanced by Adobe Audition CS6 using Izotope’s multi-band compressor to bring out the fully dynamic sound without making it LOUD. Dynamic music is the best! I do not believe in LOUD music that is pushed beyond the limits (clipping and distortion) that can’t be enjoyed.

Most CDs produced before 1990 were produced onto CDs at a weak level. Most CDs produced after 1990 were continually made louder and LOUDER to the point of ruining the music. What I’ve done is to only enhance the levels to .1 below the 0db to make the music sound more alive! I recently upgraded my recording setup by using an USB interface instead of the sound card installed in my computer, and new phono preamp with an adjustable Gain. My recordings are cleaner, clearer, and much more dynamic! Originally recorded in 96Hz/32-bit resolution and then all tracks on the album are saved at 44.1Hz/32-bit resolution.

This video was produced using Microsoft Movie Maker in Windows 10 and uploaded in HD for your listening pleasure at 1080p. Please enjoy!

Turntable: Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB (USB preamp removed – Custom built shielded RCA cables are directly soldered to the tone arm wires to the cartridge)
Stereo Cartridge: Audio-Technica AT440MLa Dual Magnet
Preamp: ART DJ PREE II Phono Preamp
USB Interface (recording): Novation Audiohub 2X4 (no recording through a sound card)
For more details on my recording set up please visit my website at: