RV Bed Rebuild + King To Queen Mattress Swap

The original mattress and bed base design was a total piece of Junk! Not only was the mattress it itself of really poor quality, so was the support under it. It had to be fixed – no other option. I redesigned the bed base to allow full access to the largest storage area in the whole trailer- under the bed. The plywood supporting the mattress had to be beefed up and stiffeners installed to provide a solid foundation for the replacement mattress. The Hinge point of the access hatch was changed and a prop rod is used to hold the hatch up when the hatch needs to be accessed. I used a Queen sized Sealy Posturepedic Deveraux mattress to replace the sack of fibers they called a king sized mattress and fitted it with a protective cover. The bed and mattress conversion was well worth every dime and the time it took to accomplish. I’ve talked with other folks in much more expensive RVs than mine that had to take similar measures to ensure they could get a good nights sleep so I’m sure mine isn’t an isolated incident. Motor home, motorhome, coach, 5th wheel, travel trailer or camper bed and mattress fix, repair or replacement