Rustic Live Edge Walnut Coffee/End Table with Applewood Legs

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I picked up this slab of walnut not really knowing what I was going to do with it so it sat around for a bit. After I decided on doing a small table with it couldn’t decide on the jointery as I really didn’t want to see anything from the top and it sat around for a bit longer while that percolated in my head. The slab is thin enough (and I knew I wanted to use rough branches for the legs) so screws weren’t an option, end grain just glued to the bottom also wouldn’t hold. In the end I used dowel pins. With the thinner top I wanted to triangulate the bottom legs and added spreaders, using epoxy on those joints. It feels very strong and stable now, there shouldn’t be any issue with the weight the table will see.

For the finish I wanted to keep it rustic looking but usable so I applied a semi gloss spray on polyurethane. I have been doing a bunch of very high gloss stuff lately and this is definitely a change for me and doesn’t film as well but suits the style of the table overall much better, and the table just feels… almost soft.

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