Ropeswings was a collaborative project between Cristina Lina and Andrew Gillman that took place in London, Spring 2017.

Over the course of three months we put up ten ropeswings in and around London which were left in place for other people to find and use.

Using strong knots, rope from the boat shop and old go kart tyres, the idea was set in motion.

The project was for an exhibition, at Nevven Gallery in Gothenburg, Sweden. Running from 08.04.17 – 13.05.17

Displayed were photographs from our adventures in London and this is the short film that we played on a TV in the space.

We built a large A-frame swing inside the gallery and made three installation boxes showing how to attach the rope and allowing visitors to practice their knots.

Before the show opened, we put up two swings in Gothenburg. One at ‘Ghetto beach’ at Röda Sten and one under the flyover at Karl Johansgatan.

A big thank you to everyone who helped out with the project, anyone who had a go on a swing, and to those who came to see the show.

Additional footage credit: Maëva Berthelot and Alex Amerie
Edited by Andrew Gillman

Music: Pembe- Jimmy Rouge edit. Orange Trees edit