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Items in my room:
Ikea white desk:

Ikea pink desk chair:

Michael Kors Wonderlust perfume:

Pink Argos makeup mirror (similar):

Clear makeup drawers:

Marble decal for MacBook:

Ikea stationary pots:

Paperchase to do list book (similar):

Grey notebook from Tiger (similar):

Pink daily diary from Stradivarius:

White Ikea large drawers:

Copper wire lights:

Bershka white candle:

Pink Ikea candle:

White vanilla Ikea candle:

Paperchase owl candle (similar):

Light up ‘S’ (similar):

Coco Chanel Multicoloured Print:

Coco Chanel B&W Print:

Primark heart cushion:

Primark small grey cushion:

Urban Outfitters Marble Duvet:

Ikea bed:

Primark rose fairy lights:

Shoe rack: