Room Tour 2016!

New room tour! So my room’s super pink with a lot of white, chrome and rose gold.

Jewellery tree: ikea
Rose gold candle holder: adairs
Marble and chrome candle holder: adairs
Flowers: provincial living

Rug: Kmart

Pink and grey decor: adairs
Bubblegum candle:

Pillows: adairs
Blanket and sheets: adairs
Bed head: custom made

Bedside table:
Table: ikea
Candle: adairs
Jewellery box: $2 store

Bean bag: target
Eiffel Tower pillow: target
Grey pillow: adairs

Shelf: ikea
1. Flowers: ikea
Jewellery box: $2 store
Owl: $2 store
2. Perfume: Brittany Spears Fantasy
Snow globe: from Paris
Jewellery box: $2 store
Paperweight: $2 store
3. Marble vase: adairs
Flowers: provincial living
Pink bottle: bed bath and table
Crystal and mug: $2 store
4. Chrome clock: adairs
Mini pink bottle: bed bath and table
5. Geometric chrome shape: adairs
Picture of Paris in Autumn: from Paris
Box: Kylie cosmetics – Candy K
Other decor: $2 stores
6. Box: $2 store
Book: book store
7. Plant in pink pot: bed bath and table
Frame: $2 store

White box: target

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