Repurposing IDEAS (Turn a Curio Cabinet Into a Plant Atrium on Wheels!) Part 1

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We found a curio cabinet on the side of the road that had some glass missing as well as a broken mirror. To make it into something new and fun, we added matching door panels out of grass, new knobs, and set the whole thing on wheels.

It is now a beautiful mobile plant atrium.

This is Coreen from Capn America Projects and today I want to show you how we took an old curio cabinet that we found out the side in the street (of course) and we made it into at fabulous plant atrium. So take a look! there’s no glass on the right hand door and the mirror in the back is cracked so those are both things that I want to remove I’m removing the other glass door so that I can make them match. I’ll also remove the mirror in the back. First I have to remove the back board holding the mirrors in. Luckily there were three separate panels of mirrors. So I’m going to slide out the mirrors and I’ll just replace the the center panel there. Now I’m taping the doors together so that they don’t flop open and because the center door still has glass so I don’t wan’t it to tip forward and smash. I’m using the board that came from the back. am going to use it to make a bottom. I’m lining what I want to cut. I decided to use a jig saw on the bottom because it doesn’t have to be a good-looking cut. and these are the the wheels that i’m gonna use. They are from a different find. I’m just marking the holes where I want to attach it. I’m attaching it using screws and washers because the screws are not wide enough to attach the wheels I got the wheels attached on one side so I will flip it over on the other side and then attach the other wheels. because it has wheels it’s a little tricky to set upright. So I’m setting some weights down. I seem to use the weights for everything except for working out. So as you see it rolls around nicely and I’m going to insert a back so i just took the outline of the mirror that was there. cut the back, and then Craig He was nice enough to put it in for me when he got home from work. Now for the side doors I’m going to cover them with this grass curtain we have. And screw them to the top and bottom of the doors. and cut away the excess. There’s Nibbles saying that it is time to take a break.