Rental Bathroom Redecoration using Affordable Decor , Grotty to Glam.

Hi guys todays video is showing how we styled our new bathroom we currently live in a rental property and the original bathroom when we moved in didn’t have a shower so we added a few cheap tiles and a cheap mixer so that we could have showers as we were told by the owner of the property that the bathroom was going to be replaced it has taken 8 years for the owner to replace the broken fittings and add an electric shower which was a bolt out of the blue as after waiting for 8 years I was starting to make plans to replace it ourselves so we felt like we had hit the jackpot when the old mouldy fittings were removed and replaced with a nice new clean mould proof bathroom set, we were a bit confused that they left the old tiles on the wall but with a bit of clever styling , bleach a scrubbing brush some grey paint and a few statement accessories we were able to incorporate the old with the new and make the room look modern and welcoming, we also added a mirror to try and elongate the room as it is so small and cramped in there and painting the doors and woodwork white really helped to brighten the place up.
Please excuse all of the mould and filth I had decided a few years ago that I was going to look for a new place to live so we had really let everything go to pot but when I broke my leg and was stuck in the house staring at all of the grottiness we decided to get busy and bring the place up to a decent standard again.
I have had a really good time finding lovely affordable d├ęcor pieces to dress the space in and it really made a difference to the feel of the room.
Don’t be too shocked at the grottiness of the room I had not bleached it before filming because it was to be ripped out the following day and all traces of the black mould are now gone hooray .
All of the items that I have talked about have been featured in my most recent hauls most were from B&Ms and home bargains and I also found a few awesome thrifted items to style the room with .
Thanks for watching, my next video will be a thrifty and bargain look-book and I am having a great time filming everything that I can so I should be following up with regular videos , I’m so sorry if you are a google plus subscriber I cant access any way to send messages back to you at the moment but I will keep trying thank you so much for all of your amazing comments I love talking to you all and try my best to answer everyone’s messages asap take care have a great day Jillxx