Renee Romeo – Paint a Convincing Faux Wood Grain Finish

Wood (he he) you like to know how to paint a convincing wood grain faux finish?
If you want to learn how to paint a convincing wood grain faux finish, this DIY project is for you! I have applied this finish on all kinds of surfaces, from kitchen cabinets and furniture, to fiberglass entry doors. I will share my secrets for getting the perfect grain pattern. This simple technique is so convincing, you can view a real wood surface, side by side and not tell the difference!
This DIY wood grain faux finish technique is so easy to master with a few simple, ordinary tools. You have them in your home already – really!. There is no need to purchase expensive brushes, paints, tools or packages to accomplish wonderful results. This process has paid off time and time again, especially when I didn’t have the budget to replace perfectly good building materials because they didn’t match. You can even finish all the base board, door casing and doors in an entire home (like I did) to give it a richer feel. One of my clients even had me transform his ornate crown molding in his cigar lounge from white to Mahogany wood grain. It was so convincing, the feel of the room went from cold and austere to warm and inviting.
It almost made me want to stay and smoke a cigar!

So, there is no need to break your budget purchasing new furniture, cabinets, trim, etc., when you can refurbish existing surfaces using simple tools (I like Behr). I am highlighting a faux cherry finish over oak in this video and the results are…stunning!
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