Remodeling a Small Bathroom –

Ready to tackle the lackluster look of your small bathroom? You can change the entire look of your small bathroom in a weekend with a few key cosmetic updates like paint; hearty and economical laminate flooring; a new light; a new toilet; and great accessories. Replacing an existing pedestal sink, for example, with a compact vanity provides great style and function like the 24-inch Argentina vanity from MTD Vanities. It has a porcelain counter top with integrated sink and includes a faucet so the only extra decisions you have to consider are how to coordinate accessories!

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Tools – 0:25
Removing the Accessories – 0:31
Removing the Toilet – 0:43
Removing the Sink – 1:09
Removing the Mirror & Light – 1:28
Installing the Flooring – 2:06
Installing the Vanity – 3:13
Installing the Toilet – 4:31
Installing the Vanity Light – 4:59
Installing the Accessories – 5:41

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