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Samanea saman (rain tree) Fabaceae (legume family)
filinganga (Northern Marianas); gouannegoul, saman (French); gumorni spanis (Yap); kasia kula, mohemohe (Tonga);
marmar (New Guinea); ‘ohai (Hawai’i); rain tree, monkey pod, saman (English); tamalini, tamaligi (Samoa); trongkonmames
(Guam); vaivai ni vavalangi, sirsa (Fiji)Timber
The timber is valued for carvings, furniture, paneling, veneers,
and is also used for turnery, posts, framing in boat
building, plywood, boxes, and crates. The sapwood is narrow
and white to light cinnamon. The heartwood is straight
or cross grained with a medium to coarse texture. Air-dry
specific gravity averages about 0.56. The wood requires
careful drying because of shrinkage and moderate to severe
warp. It is generally considered a durable wood and
resistant to attack by drywood termites (Longwood 1971