Professionally Sprayed Benjamin Moore Advance Paint on a Mantle.

Using Benjamin Moore’s Advance, Waterborne Alkyd Enamel. A great product in terms of it’s final finish and sheen. It doesn’t feel like the old oil finishes but this product is about as good as it gets considering everything is waterborne nowadays. The product levels out nicely, has good open time, and cures to a durable finish…(after a while).

I used BIN white shellac to prime over the existing lacquered Fir mantle, then prepped out all the nail holes, dings, cracks, voids in the seams etc using Elmer’s Wood Filler and lacquer based glazing putty.

I sanded all the prep so I could clean everything well, and caulk where needed. After the caulk dried I reprimed the mantle with white shellac again.

I then lightly sanded the shellac with a fine sponge and cleaned well. Then I sprayed my first coat of Advance on.

I used a 410 fine finish spray tip, fine filters in the spray gun and the pump. Used about 1400 on the airless.

Despite Advance’s slow dry time, I was able to apply the last coat on this morning and still pull all the masking carefully and clean up in the afternoon.