PopWood Playback #1 | Top Woodworking Videos of the Week


We’re really pumped about the year we’ve had with our channel at Popular Woodworking. We’ve posted hundreds of excerpts from our premium videos over the years and you’ve show love in comments, likes and subscribes.

Now we’re ready to kick down the proverbial 4th wall and start addressing the community directly.

SO – Jake Motz, one of our video production guys and I are going to host a weekly recap of the best woodworking videos on YouTube every week.

POST – To be featured on PopWood Playback, you have to link to your video in the comments of the previous week’s video. We’ll pull submissions from there and take picks from the editors at Popular Woodworking Magazine.

THANK YOU – YouTube has been an amazing community for us and we really appreciate your support over the years. Here’s to a great year! 👏

ALSO – I don’t want to hear about the messy shop. We’re in the midst of moving things around and it could be cleaner.


#1. I Can Do That! Benchtop Router Table

#2. I Can Do That! Drawer Joinery

#3. Finger Joints a la Frank Klausz

#4. Frank Klausz’ Water-tight Joint

#5. Stock Prep by Hand – Christopher Schwarz