Polytoxics’ The Last Waltz “Dry Your Eyes” 11/21/2012 Ogden Theater, Denver CO.

The 8th Annual Last Waltz Revisited

Polytoxics’ The Last Waltz “Dry Your Eyes” 11/21/2012 Ogden Theater, Denver CO.

Dry Your Eyes
by Neil Diamond -Aaron Rose on vocal

Neil Diamond was next, introducing his “Dry Your Eyes” by saying, “I’m only gonna do one song, but I’m gonna do it good.” Robertson had also produced Diamond’s album Beautiful Noise the same year and co-wrote “Dry Your Eyes,” which during the concert he hailed as a “great song.” In his autobiography, Levon Helm was critical of the inclusion of Diamond, not discerning any musical connection to The Band. Reportedly, when Diamond came off stage he remarked to Dylan, “Follow that,” to which Dylan responded, “What do I have to do, go on stage and fall asleep?”[7]

Van Morrison then performed two songs, a special arrangement of “Tura Lura Lural (That’s an Irish Lullaby)” as a duet with Richard Manuel and his own show-stopper, “Caravan.”

01. Alice’s Restaurant

~Set I~

01. Intro Music
02. Up On Cripple Creek
03. Life Is A Carnival
04. Further On Up the Road
05. Forever Young
06. Mannish Boy
07. Down South In New Orleans
08. Evangeline
09. Mystery Train
10. Rag Mama Rag
11. The Shape I’m In
12. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
13. Atlantic City
14. Caravan
15. The Weight

~Set II~

01. Who Do You Love?
02. This Wheel’s On Fire
03. It Makes No Difference
04. Slippin’ and Slidin’
05. Coyote
06. Stage Fright
07. Dry Your Eyes
08. Get Up Jake
09. Chest Fever
10. Don’t Do It
11. Tura Lura Lurai
12. Baby Let Me Follow You Down
13. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
14. Helpless
15. Ophelia
16. Such A Night
17. I Shall Be Released

Buck Perigo opener – “Alice’s Restaurant”

CR Gruver, piano/organ/vocals
Tori Pater, stunt guitar/vocals

SET I: Andy Clapp, Chris Sheldon
SET II: Tom Piercy, Jake Wolf

SET I: Michael “Spanky” McCluer, John Qualley, Brian Adams
SET II: Edwin Hurwitz, “Fleeb” Keith Thomas, Jonathan Meadows

Scott Handler, trumpet
Kevin Buchanan, trombone
Darren DeLaup, tuba
Jeremy Wendelin, tenor/soprano saxophone
Paul “Dr. Poz” Cohen, tenor/soprano sax
Pete Wall, tenor/soprano sax

Buck Perigo – guitar/vocals
Adam Kilgus – guitar/vocals?
Peter Stelling – guitar/vocals
Jessica Goodkin – vocals
Christie “CC” Chambers – vocals
Aaron Rose – vocals
Ted Tilton – keys/vocals
Mike Studeny – harmonica/vocals
Bridget Law – violin?/vocals
Ethan Ice – keys
Micah Guy – vocals
Robbie Peoples – hamonica/vocals
Josh Elioseff – harmonica/vocals
Patrick Latella – guitar
Paul Murin – guitar/vocals
Trevor Jones – guitar/vocals
Damon Wood – guitar
Cheyenne Kowal – vocals
Marcy Baruch – guitar/vocals
Dan Walker – guitar/vocals
Tanya Shylock – vocals
James Dumm – guitar
Zach Daniels – banjo
Miles Guzman – harmonica/vocals
Evan Sitchler – guitar/vocalsr
Dewey Moffit – guitar/vocals
Adam Hill – guitar/vocals

David Tash