You will be shocked by the before + after of this room! My friends recently had a baby girl + asked me to makeover their ‘nursery’ / storage closet into a room perfect for their daughter- on a budget! Give this video a thumbs up if you liked it!

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hey guys!!

one of my favorite families / some of my best friends out here in LA recently had a baby [who I lovingly refer to as WEEZY!]. I absolutely love these people- and this child- so I was obviously down when they asked me if I would decorate their nursery for them.

Their old room was basically a storage closet / not a functioning room for a baby. It had a random furniture, boxes of stuff and you could barely move in it let alone live in it.

The challenge was to transform this room into something that would be beautiful for Eloise, functioning for Jess + Shaun, AND something that could be used again if they have future children- all while using furniture that they already had + not spending much money.

DAY 1:
-moved everything out of the nursery
-sanded + spray painted the furniture that would be used in the transformation: the crib + separate dressers.
-painted the room with 2 coats of light gray

The gray paint that I used: Benjamin Moore Shoreline

DAY 2:
-Striped the wall the crib would be placed on as a statement / accent wall. I used 10 inch stripes and painted with an eggshell finish white paint. This process took a good 6 hours to complete!

-Hung long white curtains higher than the window to continue the visually lengthening effect that the stripes created. They had these curtains in their closet! They make the room look even taller + brighter.

-added this rug that the family purchased / wanted to use for the room. This rug was the most expensive piece in the redesign and that was a find still at $140.

-Pushed the two now white separate dresser units together to create one larger dresser and a surface large enough to be a changing table. They didn’t want to spend the money on purchasing a baby’s changing table, so we instead made this surface + bought a changing table pad from amazon.

-hung the crystal mirror. I purchased this on Hautelook 3 years ago and it has been in my apartments! I knew it would be perfect in this space!

-moved the nursing chair that was previously being used out in the living room into this room and added a cozy throw + comfortable pillow, both of which are from target

-finished with personal accents: a print on the wall from a friend that says ‘Eloise Marie’ with her birth date, a teddy bear from Jess’s Grandma, Jess’s baby blanket, a photo of Jess + Shaun from their wedding day and some white flowers.

Total cost for the entire room makeover was around $300-$350.

Let me know if you like this video by giving it a thumbs up and by leaving a comment! I absolutely love doing home projects + this was so fun to create. It took a couple of days but the results are SO worth it! Hopefully this could inspire you and your space!