Pink Resin with Black Diamond Fountain Pen Blanks using my homemade Resin Saving Mould

This week I have been trying out some new moulds I made for the Jnr Gent Fountain Pen set. These are referred to as “resin savers” due to not having to use so much resin to make a blank. This is my own design and build and custom to this set of pens.

My wife wanted a pen made for her which would include Pink, but I wanted to make things a little more special so incorporated her favourite things… Diamonds. I should point out that I haven’t used REAL diamonds, but mini plastic ones purchased from Wish.

Please make sure to check out the Thursday TipPle this week where we will turn these blanks into a pen. Will it work? Catch it at 12pm GMT Thursday.

I would like to give a huge thank you to penkitzandbitz for another fantastic service and helping me out. Please do check out their website over at:

For links to all the tools and accessories used in my videos please see below

Pen Making
Micro Mesh –
Digital Kitchen Scales –
Pen Turning Lathe Mandrel –
CA glue –

Hand Tools
Wooden tri square –
Drywall T Square –
Cabinet scraper –
Angle Gauge
Wixey Digital Angle Gauge –

Power tools
Triton TRA001 –
Scheppach Tiger 2000 S –
Hook & Loop Velcro pads –
Hook & Loop 80 Grit discs –

Safety Gear
Elipse half face mask –
Welding gloves –
Welding apron –
Face shield –
Protective goggles –
Vonhaus random orbit sander –
50 Sanding Discs Diameter 125 mm –

3 in 1 –
Danish oil –
Briwax –
Tung Oil –

Toy box hinge –
Japanese whetstone 1000/6000 –
Whetstone 3000/8000 –
18g nails –
Spiral Scroll Saw Blade –
Raspberry Pi 3 –

Kreg router kit
Router Table Insert Plate Levellers –
Level-Loc Reducing Rings 5pcs –
Insert Plate Pre-Drilled –