Philips Friends of Hue Personal Wireless Lighting Bloom Starter Pack Control It With Smartphone

Philips Friends of Hue Personal Wireless Lighting Bloom Starter Pack With Light Control Using Smartphone or Tablet.

Philips Hue is your personal wireless lighting. It enables you to create and control light using your smartphone or tablet, bringing endless possibilities to help you get creative and personalize your lighting to suit your and your family’s lifestyle.

What can Hue do for you?
Together, the Friends of Hue Bloom accent light, the bridge and the Hue app will change the way you use light. Play with all the colors in the Hue spectrum. It’s stunning, it’s smart, and it’s tailored for you. The Bloom starter kit includes two Friends of Hue Bloom lamps and a Hue bridge, allowing you to connect with all of your Hue and Friends of Hue products throughout your home.

Relive a favorite moment
With Friends of Hue Bloom, any photo on your smartphone becomes a palette to paint with light, enabling you to bring back the memories of a vacation or capture the vibrancy of a summer day. Drag the picker across a photo to select a color within the image to pick a perfect tone. Once you’re happy with the scene, simply save it to use again.

Just the right amount of light –120 lumen output
Place the Philips Friends of Hue Bloom just where you need it. Create a diffused light effect in your home with up to 120 lumen light output. For an optimal experience, place it wherever you like and point it toward a wall for a splash of color. Turn down the intensity and blend soft tones for a smooth light effect across the room.

Freedom of placement, blends seamlessly with your interiors
Philips Friends of Hue Bloom is designed to create indirect ambient lighting and is a perfect way to highlight your favorite furniture or architectural features in your home. Placed in or out of sight, it will blend seamlessly with your interior. Because it is a plug-based product, you can easily move it around and place it wherever a power socket is available.

Choose from 16 million colors
Great for creating mood lighting inside your home, the Bloom offers 16 million colors to choose from – a bright sunshine yellow to warm your soul, a romantic shade of red, or a pale leaf green color to ease you into the evening. It’s easy to save your favorite color scenes to use again and again.

Expand your ecosystem
You can connect up to 50 Hue products to your Philips Hue bridge. Simply begin with any of the available starter kits and add on in any combination, Philips Hue bulbs, Friends of Hue Bloom, Iris or LightStrips.

Light dynamics — enjoy dynamic light effects synced to your moment
There is an ever growing number of applications being developed for Hue within this community. This has resulted in creative and dynamic lighting schemes opening possibilities of syncing your lights to your favorite music, to get the party kicking.

Control from your iOS, Android smart devices and/or your Kindle
The Philips Hue bridge lets you control your lights wirelessly from anywhere in your house. Be it from the living room, the dining table or from your bedroom, your smart device can control any light connected to the bridge. Philips Hue is based on ZigBee, a low power, safe, and reliable technology to control your lights.

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