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Chairman of Wood Kitchen and Bathroom Furniture Manufacturers and Importers Association (MUDER) Seyfi Ayaskan measured current developings and new tendencies in kitchen furniture in 2011- 2012

Plain, simple, moderate lines, white, beige, gray high-gloss surfaces, life-enhancing electronic equipment …

He stated, ‘ The Designs, is established by firms that function in branded kitchen furniture and show major improvement, carries far beyond the kitchen furniture is no longer a simple concept of lower and upper cupboards are lined side by side. In past years, the most spectacular feature tendencies in kitchen furniture gives the true solution to user’s requisites with originative and intelligent answers, inspire a want to improve the quality of life of consumers, is made of environmental protection materials, is fitted with the technology that solution all types of client requisites’ He specified the newest trends of kitchen furniture;

· Completely flat and minimal designs with simple lines. The large-sized one-piece door are available to open or close with full-touch remote control mechanisms or electricity remote control on upper- cabinets, the handles embedded into the cover or hide with profiles.

· Although accepted by everybody of white supremacy, cream softened natural wood, ivory surfaces, concrete walls, steel, aluminum and smoked glass elements and masses are supported black or dark gray. The kitchen is dominated by cool colors such as yellow, red, green cover, created by a panel or the contrast displays.

· More bright acrylic and lacquered surfaces. Natural colors, and patterns of movement walnut, oak, cherry wood surfaces as well as ebony, teak, exotic woods.

· According to the requires of big volumes of storage pantry cabinets, deep drawers, inner drawers and mainly the use of glass on shelves, also self-opening drawers and rail systems with effortless touch of slightly. ighting systems for interiors of the drawers and cupboards.

· A class less energy, use less water, saving, and environmentally sensitive built-in devices that store food more healthy for a long time-the-art refrigerators, steam ovens that cook more healthy touch of glass and ceramic hobs.

· Steels studied with one or two centimeters on the looms, consisted of quartz and rigid materials acrylics, used in masses or thick compact laminate marble, granite and natural materials.

· Used to zero the counter sinks. Moving the batteries, the batteries are not using the flat-bench appearance of cover that folds over and gained entry into the steel or acrylic sinks.
Additionally, in near future, such as on-line panels, which provides you to originative ideas from bench to replace equipped kitchens, connects people to the world of computing with the touch-screens concurrently conveys web sites will get recipes, shopping list, will be one of the hallmarks of our lives.