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1:29.3 Purdy 6-in-1 tool
3:22.3 Spray and Walk Away
3:28.0 Wet It and Forget It
7:08.0 using a pencil for ceiling painting
7:44.1 drywall indentation at ceiling line
8:45.0 Red Devil silicone caulk

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Mark Lotz is a Naperville remodeling and painting contractor expert for almost 3 decades. Mark is a second generation remodeling and painting contractor serving the whole Chicago area. He was taught his craft by his father, Bill Lotz, back when Mark was only 13 years old. Mark started working in closets and did all the grunt work for his dad. Over time, Mark learned from his father all the details of fine craftsmanship, customer service, and doing the best possible job you can do. You could say that Mark has building in his blood.

Mark started his company back when he was 21 with his wife, Brenda. Mark gets great satisfaction solving his customer’s problems they have in their homes. Mark loves to transform a client’s home into a place they want to relax in at the end of a long day. Mark feels when you reinvigorate your home, you transform your life.

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