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In this episode we show you how to make duct tape clothes for your doll (for littlest pet shop, Fashion doll = Liv, Razanne, Pullip, Fulla, Barbie, Monster High, Arrosa, Blythe, Bratz,Taeyang, Momoko, Obitsu, Dollfie, Moxie, etc any doll that is between 10 – 12 inches tall 🙂

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Simple Kids Crafts is videos blog in which we make miniature crafts, Dollhouses from scratch, Dollhouse furniture, Accessories, Miniature Crafts, Doll Clothes, Kids Crafts and General DIY. Most are 5 minute crafts which are easy, fast, simple, inexpensive & totally free, so please take a look at our other videos and share!!!


I hope you guys enjoyed this video of my Room Tour!

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FTC- All the items in this video were bought with my own money!

LEGO FRIENDS – Just Can’t Get Excited Over These

I picked this LEGO Friends catalog up at the LEGO store yesterday. I can’t bring myself to buy these. I just cannot get excited about LEGO Friends. They remind me of Polly Pockets. What do you think? On the bright side, the catalog contains a free admission to LEGOLAND !!

Welcome to the world of LEGO Friends, where girls can build, create, remodel and redecorate! The LEGO Friends are a group of 5 very different and very talented girls living in Heartlake City. Your girls can build and expand their own Heartlake City with colorful bricks, dozens of new details and never before seen mini-doll figures. LEGO mini-dolls are LEGO minifigures made especially for the world of LEGO Friends with thousands of customizable hair and fashion combinations! With lots of new LEGO Friends sets available now, and even more coming throughout the year from the feature-packed 3351 Olivia’s House, to caring for animals at the Heartlake Vet 3188, there are play scenarios for everyone! Plus, LEGO Friends pieces are all fully compatible with all LEGO bricks!

About LEGO:
Lego is a line of construction toys manufactured by the Lego Group, a privately held company based in Billund, Denmark

Over the years, Lego has licensed themes from several cartoon and film franchises. These include Avatar: The Last Airbender, Batman, Ben 10, Cars, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, Prince of Persia, Speed Racer, Spider-Man, SpongeBob SquarePants, Star Wars, Duplo, Thomas the Tank Engine, and Toy Story.

Although some of the licensed themes, such as Lego Star Wars and Lego Indiana Jones, have had highly successful sales, Lego has expressed a desire to rely more upon their own characters and classic themes, and less upon licensed themes related to movie releases.

Lego has branched out into the videogames market with a number of titles, including Lego Star Wars: The Video Game, Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, Bionicle: The Game Bionicle Heroes as well as the Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga and Lego Indiana Jones, a Lego Batman, Lego Battles and the Lego Universe MMOG. Lego Harry Potter: Years 1–4 was released in June 2010, and Lego Rock Band was released in autumn[when?] of 2009. Another game announced is Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues including Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and total remakes of the other movie’s levels was released in 2009. More Lego video games are Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars, based on the first and second seasons of The Clone Wars and “Lego Battles: Ninjago” based on the short video clips on the website. The newest addition to the LEGO video game series is Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game, where you can play all four movies including Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

Lego Digital Designer is an official piece of Lego software for Mac OS X and Windows which allows users to build with Lego bricks on their computers. Users can then publish their creations online on the Lego Design by Me website, or purchase the physical bricks to build them. Lego Digital Designer includes some Lego products which only exist online, including models for the children’s television programs TUGS, Thomas and Friends and Speed Racer.

Merlin Entertainments operates five Legoland amusement parks, the original in Billund, Denmark, the second in Windsor, England, the third in GĂĽnzburg, Germany, the fourth in Carlsbad, California, and the fifth in Winter Haven, Florida. On 13 July 2005, the control of 70% of the Legoland parks was sold for $460 million to the Blackstone Group of New York while the remaining 30% is still held by Lego Group. There are also four Legoland Discovery Centers, two in Germany (Duisburg and Berlin), one in Chicago, Illinois, and one in Manchester, UK. Two new Legoland Discovery Centers are scheduled to open in 2011: one in Dallas, Texas. Another will open in Kansas City in 2012.

Apartment Interior Designing – Mr. Rajasekhar – [Final Update 1]

Go through the previous video to get an idea about the various furniture that were still work in progress. Since then many changes have been made to what you see right now in the video.

Living Room
As far as the living room is concerned, a selected wall has been painted with a ragging texture of asian paints with having a base coat of dark green and finished with a metallic orange paint on top. The highlighter wall is exactly opposite to the living room window and hence reflects a good amount of light. The TV unit on the other hand is complete with the central panel featuring a duco paint finish. Many Bangalore interior designers use the duco paints on almost every other surface of the furniture; and sometimes its better to use the duco paint in combination to the textured laminate as the duco paint itself offers quite a glossy feel.
The TV unit features a backlighting above the duco paint and yet the light doesn’t interfere with the TV screen as the offset of the same is lesser than the TV unit projection. On the left side you will find a spotlight lit insets where sculptures and other artistic items can be kept.

The TV unit draws in the bottom has space for the electronic peripheral devices and can be operated using a remote. On both the ends you can see the pebble trough which is designed to hold a layer of pebbles and can be filled with various pebbles to add the looks. The lighting in the room adds to a warm ambiance and feels very cozy.

Dining Room
Dining room has a nice central lighting that hangs above the dining table and has a low seating unit with pooja unit on the other side. The low seating unit has a curvy contour and around 12″ high and offers a very comfortable seating. On the back of the seating unit is a continuous wall panel which doesn’t serve any functional aspect, but adds to the looks of the otherwise bare wall.

The 5′ pooja unit has enough number of walls to support the various Hindu gods and has a LED light on the top which can be lit whenever required. The unit is provided with draws in order to store various pooja items.

Kids Bedroom
The wardrobes are finished and cleaned and you can see that the wardrobe have gained a very good glossy feel. The hanger rods and locks have been installed inside the wardrobe and the handles have been too installed.

The study table has a wall painted blue in order to make it stand out and has rounded edges completed with the polishing touches.

One of the wall is painted blue and has a foot-ball shaped light installed on it to give it a playful feel.

Master Bedroom
All the wardrobes are completed with the edge polishing, and the wardrobe rods installed along with the handles installed. The wardrobe feature a pant pullout inside two units which lets one store their pants or saree and the unit can be pulled out and pushed in whenever required.

The TV unit ledge is fitted with the SS legs to give it even better support and all the edges are polished with the handles installed.
A wall is highlighted with the darker brown shade color.

Parents Bedroom
The ledge is fixed with the SS clamps that can take the weight of the double ply and both the TV draws and wardrobe doors are fixed with the handles. The wardrobe has all the hanger rods completed and the locks installed.

Rabbi Greg’s Response to “New Birth Crowns Eddie Long as King”

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