Smart Door Frame Designer

Smart Door Frame Designer is unique Australian developed software for the Automation of Design and manufacture of door frames. Long and tedious door frame design are done in seconds and customized door frame design creation are made possible.

560 West James Street Virtual Tour (1 of 5) – first floor

In the Fall of 2011, the Penn Eta Chapter of the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity will move back into our chapter house at 560 West James Street in Lancaster, PA. The house is currently undergoing major renovations that will give the brotherhood full access to the house, along with a new dining/brothers area, commercial kitchen, central heat and air, and a newly refurbished basement. All 17 bedrooms are being renovated as well.

On July 9th, 2011, we toured the house while renovations were in progress. This virtual tour covers our entire walk-through of the house in five parts:

1) first floor
2) basement
3) second floor
4) second floor to third floor
5) third floor

The move-in officially begins on August 20th, and we will be hosting a formal “ribbon cutting” ceremony on September 24th, 2011. For more information on these events and the fundraising campaign to finance renovations and furniture, search for “560 West James” on Facebook.

Moroni 614 Havana Sofa Group

The Moroni 614 Havana Sofa Group takes its classic design from 1930’s Parisian nightclubs with thick tapered legs, overstuffed seat cushions and rolled arms that are capped in a keyhole design. The back and seat cushions are filled with high density foam and down to provide exceptional comfort and support. These are supported by drop-in coil springs and a sophisticated webbing system that ensure the Havana will be your favorite piece of furniture for years if not decades. This collection is available in a charming Coach Classic Brown leather, or you can custom order your furniture in one of many leather or microfiber upholsteries offered by Moroni.

The story behind the High Chair by BabyBjorn

The high chair is suitable for children from 6 months to 3 years, and is easy to adjust to your growing child.

Unique safety solution — because for us, safety always comes first. Your child should not be able to stand up or rest his or her feet on the table so that the chair tips backwards. Safety was our primary focus when developing the foldout table, which functions as a secure safety lock. No harness is needed, and older siblings cannot open the lock.

Perfect for the child’s little back — Small children are not well-seated or comfortable in most high chairs. That’s why we designed BABYBJÖRN High Chair with a curved backrest that hugs your child’s body, and an adjustable table that helps your child to sit comfortably upright. The high chair is suitable for children from six months to three years, and is easy to adjust to your growing child.

Less mess – To minimize mess, we designed BABYBJÖRN High Chair with smooth surfaces without nooks and crannies where food can collect. The safety table fits snugly against the child’s tummy so that food does not fall into his or her lap. The tray-table is easy to take off and may be washed by hand or in the dishwasher.

Compact when folded — The high chair is easy to fold. When folded, it is only 10.5 in/26 cm wide and is easy to store or take with you on a trip.

The BABYBJÖRN High Chair is recommended for children who can sit up on their own, from around six months up until three years (max height 38 in/95 cm).

The BABYBJÖRN High Chair is made from plastic and painted steel.
This product is PVC-free and contains no bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates, cadmium, lead, bromine or chlorine. Moreover, the plastic is recyclable.

The childproof two-step lock keeps the child securely in place and also ensures that the child cannot open, close or fold the high chair into the transport position.

The BABYBJÖRN High Chair is a safe, tried and tested quality product, developed in collaboration with pediatricians, industrial designers, children and parents.

The BABYBJÖRN High Chair complies with EN14988:2006 safety requirements.

Product care
Wipe the high chair with a clean, damp cloth. The detachable tray can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher.

Technical information
Weight: 11 lbs/5 kg

Height when in use: 38 in/83 cm
Height/width/depth in transport mode: 20 x 17.5 x 10 in/50 x 44 x 25 cm
Materials: Plastic and painted steel

The high chair is delivered complete. No additional accessories are needed. Simple assembly of legs, no tools needed.

Keep in mind:
Never leave your child unattended.

Always hold your child firmly when you lift him or her in and out of the high chair. Make sure the safety table is locked into “in use” position before letting go of your child.

Always adjust the safety table to fit snuggly against the child’s body, to ensure that he or she cannot climb out.

The child should not be seated in the high chair with the safety table in the open position.

Detailed Plans For Cabinets Key To Success

Detailed Plans For Cabinets The Key To Success

Many people face the dilemma; modify and rework the cabinets you have or wipe the slate clean and make new cabinets. Regardless, you must have a good set of plans for cabinets laid out.

We usually at the beginning ponder with the tradeoff of spending money vs. a less then new look of modified cabinets. Reworking old cabinets just does not carry the same appeal and satisfaction as does the appearance of brand new cabinets.

Recently I decided to build new kitchen cabinets, a daunting challenge if there ever was one. Trying to determine how everything ought to be organized and laid out turned out to be much more difficult than I expected. I came to the early conclusion that I needed a solid foundation to start in the planning stage by creating a detailed set of plans for cabinets before I did anything else. Without a good cabinets plan this project would become very frustrating indeed.

Is it not usually so? You start a project with great gusto and over time, the obstacles and mistakes often cause you mental anguish and you often put the job aside for a while. I needed help with my plans for the cabinets, identifying the total material list as well as the cost of all the materials. Without a detailed material list, there was no way I could accurately estimate the total cost of this project.

I found a great resource on the internet that offered the following great elements that I needed for my cabinetry project. Over 16,000 woodworking projects, with all kinds of cabinetry designs to choose from. Over 150+ “How To” videos, step by step woodworking guides, every project has a comprehensive list of materials needed for the project, and even CAD software to make my own custom drawings if I wish. Everything I needed in one source. Now I am all set to start, but there is even more.

I decided to build a new cabinet system that would not be time consuming once I got started. I really needed to find a solution that permitted me to build fantastic cabinets, be reasonably priced, looked great and did not have me trying to turn out to be an professional cabinet builder. So I went to a brand new plan that utilizes a cabinet corner post system. These corner posts are shaped on a shaper, created of ash and take all of the guesswork out of building cabinets.

They use rounded corners with angles constructed in to allow you to add square pieces of wood to come up with the perfect corner. The outside is appealing with a small reveal, its rounded and greatest of all, there is no math. Many of the pieces are self-aligning. Adding a top or bottom is simple because the posts have a 3/4″ dado on each end that make this a snap. If I wish to add shelves, all I have to do is cut a simple dado on the sides of my project before I place it together.

If you are a woodworker and if you are on a spending budget you will agree that these corner posts are an excellent solution at a fair cost.

So to summarize, I found that the first step to any cabinetry project, is to take your time and create or find a good set of plans for cabinets. Second, I found a very important resource on the internet that met all my needs and more. Bottom line, my cabinetry project is moving forward and I know I will eventually have a beautiful set of cabinets in my kitchen very soon.