HOLZMA – 5 Series – Single Saw (HPL) at Els

The 5 Series from HOLZMA:
HPL 550 in action at our customer Els

The HPL models are equipped with a heavy-duty lift table for automatic feeding. This goes a significant step further in accelerating the production process. On top of this, there are numerous optional extras, which allow you to match the performance profile exactly to your requirements.

How to Fix a Slow Draining or Clogged Sink – ProMaster Home Repair

All of us can relate to that frustrating experience of a slow draining or clogged sink. In this article and video, Don Kennedy of ProMaster will show you how to fix a clogged or slow draining sink.

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ProMaster is a home repair company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. ProMaster takes pride in being on-time and family-friendly. All of our employees are background checked and drug tested to ensure that you and your family are safe and comfortable with the craftsman completing your project. ProMaster is also the only company in the area that gives you a specific time for your appointment, not a “two hour window” like Time Warner.

ESD-chair total settings – B.A.S.S. (Belgium’s-A-StaticScience) – ESDproducts

ESD and Ergonomics is a way of logical thinking!

Ergonomics …. what is that?
Increasingly the word ‘ergonomics’ is used. Especially within the context of health and safety legislation. What it means just about everyone knows, but what does it mean?

Ergonomics is composed of the Greek words “ergon” (work) and “nomos” (law). Ergonomics means as much as: laws dealing with labor. This is not for legal laws, but laws of nature. By taking into account all kinds of natural laws, can be adapted and improved working conditions. Ergonomics aims to mental and physical well-being in the workplace promotion, providing optimum working results can be obtained.

For ergonomic working conditions it cuts both ways. If well-being, has more pleasure in his work and perform better. That’s good for people and good for business.
Ergonomics can be divided into three groups:

Ergonomics in organizations
Ergonomics of the environment
Ergonomics of products

The consistency and balance between these three groups ergonomics determines the quality of our working environment.

Do you have the proper esd-chair?

When writing we often slide to the edge of the chair to be more upright and so the low back muscles to relieve. The result is a seat with too small, resulting in a too high skin pressure. Furthermore, we can in that seating position, the armrests do not use and have no support from the back.
A chair with a forward with-tilting seat and back prevents these problems. The backrest then takes the load on the low back muscles. Add to that height and width adjustable armrests far, and you also avoid the static loading of neck and shoulder muscles.

When telephoning and talking we often hang back in the chair. As a result of the lower slide that then occurs, the back muscles become statically charged. A with-tilting back seat and back prevents sliding bottom, so that the spine maintains its natural posture.

Achieving the correct posture for sitting lies in choosing the right seat: specifically tuned to each individual and made for a specific activity, such as VDU (NEN 3002/ISO 9241-3 *)

Expert advice, based on knowledge of ergonomics in organizations, ergonomics of the work environment and ergonomics of products, is a prerequisite for making specific choices.

“Achieving the correct posture for sitting lies in choosing the right seat, specifically tuned to individual and activity.”


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Coral Gables on Assignment with Jeffrey Moss | Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn conduct its furniture photo shoots during the winter. Pottery Barn expert Jeffery Moss has chosen Coral Gables in evergreen Florida for this particular shoot.

In this video, Jeffery shows us the grand architecture of this place and the fact that every home comes with a lush backyard. The scenic beauty of this place makes it ideal for outdoor shoots.

Jeffery also visits the biggest book store in Coral Gables called Books & Books and the famous antique store—Stone Age Antiques, which is home to a wide range of antiques.

The famous Biltmore hotel is another key highlight of this video. This hotel is known for its rich history and architectural design. Jeffery and his crew stayed in the Biltmore hotel while on assignment.

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