IAS2: Group D – LukeRF44 Vs Scourgeandmephiles93 – Crash 3 – Race to beat Dingodile – Part 1

– With 3 Gold Relics.

The next match of Group D. Scourgeandmephiles93, one of the pre-tournament favourites goes up against LukeRF44, the winner of the first match. If Luke wins this match, he’ll be thought to the last 14. So will Scourgeandmephiles93 stop him from getting through or will Luke surprise a few people and get through. Find out in this speedrun.

NOTE – Luke’s commentery is not in this speedrun since his Camtasia recorded stereo mix instead of his actual voice. Good job, LUKE.

Group D table before this match –
1) LukeRF44- Played – 1 – Pts – 3
2) 333alegreto333 – Played 1 – Pt – 1
3) Crashpro3 – Played – 0 – Pts – 0
4) Scourgeandmephiles93 – Played 0 – Pts 0

123 – How to Install a Butt Hinge Mortise

Original post on our site with additional information, plans, questions & comments:

While building my 6-panel cabinet recently, I decided to capture the process of mortising for a butt hinge. With a router, a small straight bit, a chisel, and some careful layout, you’ll find mortising for hinges to be fun and easy.
These simple tips will make the process much easier:
– Create some sort of story stick for repeatability.
– Use a marking gauge and knife to scribe the hinge locations for ultimate accuracy.
– Use a router remove the bulk of the material at a consistent depth.
– Use a sharp chisel to fine-tune the fit.

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