Organizing My Vanity (Part 1)

I’m updating my vanity organization! It won’t happen all in one day but beginning the process is the first essential step to a happy, clutter-free, stress-free vanity. I’ll have to tackle this project in a few parts, focusing on the shelves today and keep you updated as I go.

A lot has changed regarding my makeup storage and organization in the past year. I suppose I’ve changed a little too. Traveling will do that but it’s a good thing. My collection is now smaller and with the much of the excess gone, the items I love most are easier on the eyes and easier to enjoy. I got rid of my old sterilite drawers, I used to have 6 drawers overflowing with makeup. This year we built a new vanity, with 3 drawers and I made my own custom dividers. Everything fits with room to spare… NOT to be confused with room to grow… heck no! I’m sticking to my rule of “something comes in, something goes out!” I’m so happy to finally have a new vanity space to work with, however, I haven’t spent much time actually getting things into their proper place. So now’s the time to get organized. Come hang out and do some vanity organizing with me today!