Newall Digital Readout Install Part 2

This is a short video series showing my install of the Newall DP 500 digital readout onto my DoAll milling machine. This is a 2 axis readout (x &y axis) and I’ll show you the steps I took to install this system.
You will have to do some hand drilling and hand tapping for several components, also some indicating to assure the readers are square with the table travels.

Basic tools needed for this job will be metric taps from 4mm up to 8mm, tap wrenches, end wrenches, soft blow hammer, small ball pein hammer, center punch, transfer punches, allen key wrenches, drill bits, drill motor, and an indicator on a magnetic base.

I purchased this system from KBC Tools, here is a direct link. They offer this model is a variety of sizes for both mills and lathes.