New Way to Keep Your Fitted Sheet From Coming Off the Bed with Sheetlock Pro

Are you get sick and tired of having to readjust your fitted sheet every time you wake up? Yes it’s super annoying.

There are lots of products out there designed to keep your fitted sheet from slipping off the bed, but I have never seen anything like this before!

This product is called the SheetLock Pro and they are actually bedstraps that fit around the edges of your bed. Once the straps are on, you just snap the sheet in place!.

In this video, I will show you how to use the Sheet Lock Pro and also go over some reasons why your sheet might be slipping off the bed in the first place.

They are available in small to fit a twin, and the large size fits from a full to a king.

If you are interested in purchasing SheetLock Pro Sheet Fasteners, Amazon for around $10 + shipping here:

Other products in this video-

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Products in this video:
Bed Sheet Fasteners By SheetLock – “SMALL” Fits Twin and kids beds — Keep The Sheet Taut & In Place – Easy To Install Grippers – Hidden From View –Works For All Bed Types –