NEW mouse cage – Ikea Detolf introduction

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Many people around the world have used the Ikea Detolf unit (intended as a display cabinet) as a fantastic and economical mouse or hamster tank, so I bought one a few weeks ago. If you have hamsters (and no cats in the house) you can often get away with having no lid on (do not use the glass door which comes with it as they need the airflow), but for mice or escape artists you will need to make a mesh lid. I used this video: by Hammylux as a basis for mine, and my lovely friend Alex made the lids for me, with wood and metal mesh.

You make it in two pieces so it’s easier to lift off.

Simply construct the detolf unit then carefully lay it on it’s back, the metal bars which support the internal structure also provide anchor points for some toys and water bottles. The mesh lid also provides a place to hang some suspended toys.

I was able to buy some new bigger toys for the mice which would not have fit in the old cage, which although it had a large overall floor space, was composed of smaller rooms. I could also include some toys which the mice have only previously been able to enjoy at free range playtime outside the cage.

I have several more toys which I can swap around each time I muck them out for variety, for example I have two big wooden castles which will fit inside the detolf too.

The substrate is aubiose, a hemp based bedding designed for horses with respiratory problems and allergies, it’s highly abosorbent and also locks away odour as well as moisture.

The mice are:
(all bucks are neutered)
Ventora: dove doe
Magnum: broken black buck
Holden: broken champagne buck
Diesel: broken black & tan buck
Jensen: white buck
Interceptor: broken cream buck

All were adopted from